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September 26, 2016 – Board Meeting

The following report is submitted to ETFO members by Jeff Pelich. Please contact Jeff if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this report. Follow the live tweets from the WRDSB Board Meetings using the hashtags #wrdsb and #etfowr.

Date: Monday, September 26, 2016
Trustees in attendance: K. Woodcock, S. McMillan, N. Waddell, C. Harrington, T. Martin, J. Hendry, C. Millar, C. Watson, K. Smith
Trustees absent: A. Mitchell, M. Ramsay
Meeting Agenda: PDF

Monthly Reports

Suspension Exclusion Report to June 20, 2016 (P. Rubenschuh)


Staffing Information – Retirements and Resignations (M. Weinert)

Staffing Recommendations – Appointments (M. Weinert)

  • There was a massive list of appointments in the agenda for Elementary teachers!

Announcements/Celebrating Board Activities

ETFO Waterloo was praised by Director Bryant for our 2016 Summer Academy sessions.


Stop Arm Camera Pilot – Results (M Gerard)

Last spring, the WRDSB work with Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region to run a pilot project on stop arm cameras to catch drivers who pass buses when they are at a stop. STSWR General Manager Benoit Bourgault shared compelling evidence that this is a widespread problem in Waterloo Region and shared with trustees actual video of violations. (The full report is available in the agenda package) The trustees passed a motion to write a letter of support to continue this project.

EQAO 2016 Assessment Results (J. Bryant)

Director Bryant and Superintendent Mercier shared the results of the grade 3, 6, 9, and 10 EQAO testing from 2015-2016. They continually stressed that the are concerned about the downward trend of the data. However, the message from senior admin is clear that they are supportive of WRDSB teachers and do not believe the quality of staff has much to do with the score. They presented the trustees with an action plan to improve EQAO scores for the year – including the hiring of two senior level researchers to help better understanding the data.

Strategic Plan Update (J. Bryant)

Director Bryant, Senior Superintendent Read, and Chief Communications Officer Manning shared an update on the board’s new Strategic Plan that continues to develop.

Newcomers Update (G. Shantz)

Superintendent Shantz highlighted how the WRDSB has realigned it ESL & newcomer services to better meets the needs of this group. He shared that Waterloo Region should expect another 500+ Syrian newcomers this year, in addition to newcomers from other locations.

Question Period



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