Board Room Highlights – February 13, 2017

February 14, 2017 – Board Meeting

The following report is submitted to ETFO members by Jeff Pelich. Please contact Jeff if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this report. Follow the live tweets from the WRDSB Board Meetings using the hashtags #wrdsb and #etfowr.

Date Monday,February 17 2017
Trustees In Attendance K. Woodcock, S. McMillan, N. Waddell, C. Harrington, M. Ramsay, J. Hendry,  C. Watson, A. Mitchell, T. Martin
Trustees Absent C. Millar,
Meeting Agenda PDF
Policy and Governance
The board reviewed the following Policy documents:


  • Policy 2004 – Character Education and Social Emotional Skills – Deferred to allow parent input.
  • Policy 2005 – Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Support – Deferred to allow parent input.
  • Policy 2006 – Consultation – Passed
  • Policy 5000 – Staffing
  • Policy 5001 – Appointment of Principals and Vice Principals


WCI/Northdale Feasibility Study

The WRDSB has embarked on a study of the school and the potential for a joint collaboration with WLU and the City of Waterloo to create a community on the existing WCI site. Most relevant to ETFO is that this project could cost significant amounts of money and include the use of P3s in its development (Public-Private Partnerships). This could be a slippery slope into privatization and corporate involvement in education. Trustees approved an additional $25,000 to continue studying this project with the various stakeholders (imagine what $25,000 could buy for your classroom).

Transportation Consortium Update

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region presented the 2015-2016 Annual Report to the trustees. Many had questions about the high cost of special education routes and why the public board seems to pay a disproportionate amount compared to the Catholic system. STSWR confirmed that this is a result of the congregated classroom in the WRDSB and the inclusion model of WCDSB.


Question Period
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