Board Room Highlights – September 19, 2016


September 19, 2016 – Committee of the Whole

The following report is submitted to ETFO members by Jeff Pelich. Please contact Jeff if you have any questions or concerns about the content of this report. Follow the live tweets from the WRDSB Board Meetings using the hashtags #wrdsb and #etfowr.

Date: Monday, September 19, 2016
Trustees in attendance: K. Woodcock, S. McMillan, N. Waddell, C. Harrington, T. Martin, M. Ramsay, J. Hendry, C. Millar, C. Watson
Trustees absent: A. Mitchell, K. Smith,
Meeting agenda: PDF

Celebrations and Announcements


Policy and Governance

Review of Board Policy 1004 – Harassment
Review of Board Policy 1009 – Violence in the Workplace
Review of Board Policy 6000 – Safe Schools
Review of Board Policy 6002 – Compulsory Student Enrolment
Review of Board Policy 6004 -Outdoor Education/Off Campus Education

All of these reviews of Board Policies included minor wording changes and references with the exception of Board Policy 6004 – Outdoor Education/Off Campus Education. Trustee Scott McMillan added an amendment that included specific equity and inclusion language in this policy requiring staff to consider accommodations for accessibility needs on field trips. All were carried.


Internet Content Filtering Report (and revised BP 2012 – Access to Digital Technology)

Senior Superintendent Mark Schinkel reported back to the trustees around concerns related to the ability of students in accessing inappropriate content on the network. As a result, the WRDSB is developing graduated or differentiate access for various groups – including guests, staff, and groups of students based on their age. In addition, they are developing a working group to respond to issues as they arise.

Bank Borrowing Resolution

Each year, the Superintendent of Finance brings forward this motion to approve up to $50 million in loans to “meets its current operating expenditures.” This is necessary to help cover the board finances until taxes are collected and funding is delivered.

Major Capital Projects Quarterly Report

The trustees received an update on new school builds and major renovations.  Superintendent Gerard noted that the building of Chicopee Hills continues to be delayed as they have yet to receive building permits from the City of Kitchener. As well, he expressed a concern that winter weather would further delay this project and the board may be required to push the opening date of the school.

Question Period


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