Membership Development Fund (MDF)

The Membership Development Fund (MDF) is a budgeted amount of money set aside each year in the ETFO-Waterloo local budget for use by members.

What Is It For?

To assist members with not-for-credit activities that contribute to personal or professional learning and/or leadership development.

Personal wellness classes, non-credit courses, conferences and classroom visits.

May be used to cover costs in excess of STEL payments or in the absence of STEL funding such as registration fees, accommodation or travelling expenses.

MAY NOT be used for Board or Ministry Initiatives or Workshops.

What Is Available?

The fund will consider a payment of up to a maximum of $260 or 1 Occasional Teacher day coverage per member within any budget year. Funds are allocated in 4 blocks between July 1st and June 30th.

How Can I Apply?

Contact Amanda Drewett via WaterWorks or at the ETFO office PRIOR to the activity occurring (at least 2 weeks if OT coverage is required). If the activity falls within the guidelines, a form will be sent, which must be completed and returned with the proper receipts. Reimbursement will not occur until the activity is completed.

Short Term Educational Leave

The Short-Term Educational Leave (STEL) Fund is an amount of money negotiated by ETFO with the WRDSB to provide funding for members to attend professional learning activities.

What Is It For?

STEL funding is generally used to attend Professional Learning conferences of the individual member’s choosing.

Registration, transportation costs, child care, accommodation and parking as well as OT time, are all allowable expenses.

AQ Courses are now allowable expenses. Memberships are NOT.

Meals will only be covered if the conference includes a lunch or dinner at which a Keynote speaker is presenting.

What Is Available?

The fund provides up to $750 and can be used in the following ways:

$750 in expenses and no OT days
$490 in expenses and 1 OT day
$230 in expenses and 2 OT days

How Can I Apply?

Request forms will be made available to all members in May and must be returned to the office by the deadline. Highest priority will be given to members who have gone the longest without receiving STEL funding. If you do not access STEL in the year you receive it, you may use it the following year, but you MUST re-submit a request form.


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