Health & Wellness

“A mentally healthy workplace is one where all employees enjoy work-life balance, clearly understand their roles, and have the opportunity to contribute to decisions about how work gets done.” —Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

Employee well-being is a shared responsibility between unions and management. Locally, ETFO plays an important role not only negotiating benefits and working conditions or working with individual members to address and accommodate needs, but also by continually advocating for better services and processes to benefit all members. Additionally, we provide assistance and access to services such as CAREpath, FeelingBetterNow, and long term disability. As a result of the advocacy of ETFO and the other employee unions we have the current WRDSB Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Human Solutions: Resilience.

Throughout the school year, be mindful of your own well-being. Each year brings its own challenges and stresses, and this year will be no different. Make sure that you reach out if you need assistance or information at any time. ETFO knows that teacher working conditions and student learning are deeply connected.


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