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Medical Appointments

The Central Table Agreement between ETFO and the Government recognizes the ability for sick leave to be used for personal illness, personal injury as well as personal medical appointments and personal dental appointments.

It is within the right of the WRDSB to ask for the general reason behind an absence in terms of personal illness vs medical appointment.

The WRDSB Wellness department needs to be able to differentiate as ETFO members are required to provide medical from their treating physician when absent for six (6) consecutive sick days for personal illness and/or injury. This does not apply to medical appointments.

As a result effective September 1, 2016 the WRDSB has implemented a new absence reason code:

A400 - Medical Appointments
This absence reason code will deduct from your sick leave account and will assist with more accurate reporting of these absences.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the ETFO office.


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