Requesting a Leave of Absence

Teachers who are requesting a full-time and/or part-time leave of absence for the 2018-2019 school year will need to submit their request online to Human Resources by April 1, 2018 (online instructions below).  

Principals cannot grant part-time and/or full-time leaves of absence- this must be done online through Human Resources.

Teachers who have completed their probationary period can request a full-time or part-time leave of absence for the 2018-2019 school year.  

Please note:  These timelines do not apply to pregnancy/parental and/or medical leaves.


a.m. or p.m. Preference?

There is an agreement with the Board and ETFO, that the principal, when it is reasonable, shall make every attempt to schedule the a.m. or p.m. preference of a part-time teacher.  As well, the teaching assignment shall be scheduled in a consecutive manner during the part of the day that the teacher has agreed to teach.

If there is a part-time preference, it is recommended that a teacher make this request known to his/her administration in writing via Gmail once the leave has been approved by Human Resources.


Applying for a Leave of Absence: 

Please start with Human Resources as your administration cannot approve a leave request.  

This request must be completed three (3) months, excluding July and August, in advance of the leave start date.


Online Instructions:

1.  Go to the WRDSB website and log in to the Staff Portal.


2.  Click the Human Resources Services link on the right-hand side.


3.  Click Forms at the top.


4.  Click on HR-01-500 Request for Leave of Absence (WEBFORM- DO NOT PRINT).



5.  You will be asked to log in with your PAL ID again.


6.  Your employee data will be prepopulated. Click Leave of Absence Without Pay.


7.  You will then be asked to complete a variety of fields regarding your leave.


8.  A copy of this form will be forwarded to your Supervisor / Manager / Principal when you click on the "Submit" button.  


You may also wish to include Ali Lyon to your request by clicking Notify Additional Individuals and including the email address:




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