Each spring, the WRDSB engages in a multi-month staffing process. At this time, members have an opportunity to make decisions regarding their school placement for the following year.

There are a variety of paths into the staffing process. For further information, please see the Staffing Procedure Handbook or contact the ETFO Office:

  • Enrollment Transfer – A Principal may need to declare an enrollment transfer teacher from a school because of a decline in the number of teachers allocated to the school. There is a variety of criteria a principal must use in determining who may be an enrollment transfer.
  • Voluntary Transfer – A teacher, other than an Enrollment Transfer Teacher, wishing a transfer during the staffing process will identify as a Voluntary Transfer. Teachers who have not completed their probationary period, are under performance review, or subject to ongoing disciplinary action may not participate in the Voluntary Transfer process
  • This is an especially busy time of year for teachers and you are encouraged to follow the information below as general guide.


  • Administration and Human Resources prepare the FTE for schools. This allows the administration to determine how many teachers they need for the following year.
  • School administration meet with Human Resources to learn the Staffing Process and receive timelines for the year.
  • ETFO school representatives meet with Human Resources to learn the Staffing Process and receive timelines for the year.


  • The ETFO Seniority List is provided to members at the end of the school year and shows the number of years each teacher has been teaching effectively.
  • The principal will convene a meeting of the In-School Staffing committee. Membership consists of administration, the ETFO rep, and other teachers from various divisions/subjects in the school. This committee will continue to meet and act as an advisory body to the principal during the staffing process.
  • The principal will provide teachers with their tentative assignments for the following school year.
  • Teachers should be preparing their Apple To Education profiles and resumes.
  • Enrolment Transfers are notified by the principal.


  • Job posting begins for openings at schools. Currently, there are three (3) postings:
  • Voluntary Transfer Posting – Open to those who declared a Full Time Voluntary Transfer (VT)
  • First General Posting – Open to Full Time Voluntary and Enrollment Transfers
  • Second General Posting – Open to Full Time Voluntary transfer, Part Time Voluntary transfer (increasing FTE), and Enrollment Transfers.
  • Teachers may apply to four (4) positions for which they are qualified.
  • Principals will be required to conduct interviews which will include the three applicants who have the greatest seniority. These interviews must take place with 72 hours of the posting closing and teachers have 24 hours to accept any jobs they have been offered.


  • Principals attend a “Handover Day” where they review their staffing and FTE with Human Resources.
  • Postings open for external contracts and LTO positions.
  • In-School Staffing Committee meets to review Supervision Schedule.

To view the 2016 Staffing Process Handbook, click here. Please remember that some aspects of the Staffing Process change each year and this should only be used as a reference.


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