WRDSB Board Meeting - Monday, October 29, 2018

WRDSB Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda Package

In Attendance: Scott McMillan, Carol Millar, Colin Harrington, Ted Martin, John Hendry, Cindy Watson, Mike Ramsay, Kathi Smith, Courtney Waterfall, Natalie Waddel, Kathleen Woodcock


Meeting Highlights:

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  • Communications Department Review - pages 37-38
    • "purpose of the review was to seek data, opinions and perceptions regarding WRDSB communication practices (both internal and external), and to assess the effectiveness of communication, public relations, marketing and engagement efforts, and the related tools and vehicles to support these efforts throughout WRDSB"
    • ETFO Waterloo participated in one of the focus groups during the consultation process (along with reps from the other employee groups)
    • A variety of recommendations came from the study, including making internal communications a departmental priority. 
  • Strategic Plan Operational Goal Implementation - Update for 2018/19 - page 41-60
    • 3-5 years to realize outcomes of targetted strategies - it makes no sense to change directions mid-stream.
    • Review of “Dashboards” for the Operation Goals under the categories - Mathematics, Pathways to Education and Student and Staff Well-Being.
    • Results from Director’s Town Hall Feedback Survey - Parents and Students value: Development of students’ agency, autonomy and sense of self, individualized student centred learning, Supportive communities that embrace their unique identities and dynamic needs. 
    • Conditions for Learning Framework - the how of the strategic plan.