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  • Part-Time Teachers Increasing their FTE

    Part-Time Teachers can increase their FTE in any of the following ways:

    1. Prior to the 2nd General Posting going out (usually the day before), a Principal may assign an opening in the school with an FTE of 0.3 or less to an existing part- time teacher. The principal will get to use their discretion to whom they offer the FTE to as they need to ensure it can be timetable into the existing part-time teachers assignment. It is a requirement that the part-time teacher has the required qualifications for the position. Once a teacher has accepted the increase in small increase in FTE, the Principal will inform HR of the change in FTE status.  Aside from accepting the increase, there is no action required of the teacher.
    2. Part-Time Teachers, who have completed their probationary period, can apply to the positions of greater FTE on the 2nd General Posting.
    3. Part-Time Teachers can apply to postings of greater FTE throughout the school year.

  • published Local Bargaining Update #2 in Bargaining Bulletins 2021-01-25 12:53:40 -0500

    Local Bargaining Update #2


    The bulletin is linked here Local Bargaining Bulletin #2