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Proud and Engaged

ETFO-WR is a proud local of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

We represent over 2,500 contract teachers in Waterloo Region. Our local strives to serve the professional needs of our members with a wide variety of committees, programs and services that both protect and enhance the working lives of our members.

In addition to our core work in support of members, our local and our members are very active in our community supporting a variety of community organizations and charitable causes.

We work continuously to provide an environment celebrating the diversity of our members. ETFO reaches out to the broader community to foster a climate of democracy and social justice in this province and beyond.

We are

Committed to the Environment

One of our core values here is respect for the environment. When we built our office five years ago, we used the LEED process to ensure we were using mostly reclaimed material, disposing of waste materials properly, and installing energy efficient systems to allow us to reduce the use of energy and water and reduce the waste the building produces long-term. Our building has geo-thermal heating and cooling, a green roof, energy efficient lighting and water systems, and many other design elements that reduce our impact on the environment. We achieved LEED Gold status – the first union building in Ontario to do so.

Part of our ongoing commitment to the environment is offering a yearly hybrid vehicle incentive to our members. We offer a one-time grant of up to $2000 for members who purchase a hybrid vehicle. The photos are of previous members receiving their incentive cheque, of our LEED Standard Plaque, and the poster describing the building.

Our LEED Gold Awards
Hybrid Initiative Recipients
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Serving our Members


Greg Weiler

Vice President

Ali Lyon

Vice President

Jeff Pelich

Vice President

Joanne Threndyle

Associate Vice President

Lynn Buckley


Associate Vice President

Trish Morgan

Sp Ed - Teaching


Kristie Stanzel


Equity Representative

Ryan Wettlaufer


Executive Members

Don Durant

Sp Ed - Teaching

Jennifer Elliott

Lester B Pearson

Matthew Hunter

Elgin Street

Patricia Le Fort

Curr & Prog Dev

Kim Stenhouse

Wm G Davis

Ashley Teeter

NA MacEachern

We are

Supporting Leadership

Our committees are member run and do the heavy lifting in realizing the vision of the union. Use the links below to learn more about how each committee is run and what its goals are. Visit our calendar to find opportunities to connect with them!