Accessibility features for Online Learning

Equity Minute: Accessibility Features for Online Learning


Learn how to activate accessibility features for both reading and writing thanks to these short videos recorded by Equity and Social Justice Committee member Laurie Mackechnie.

Remote emergency learning presents many challenges from an equity point of view. One of those challenges includes "how do we support students who use assistive technology, or the support of an Educational Assistant for reading and writing?" 

The Read/Write app which is part of Google is one tool, but if students are not familiar with it, or it has not been fully initialized on their accounts, it can be cumbersome for them to use at home. 

The good news is, most computers/laptops/iPads have accessibility features that can be turned on in settings. These accessibility features allow students and teachers to easily hear text and create text from speech. For those who have Chromebooks at home, these videos walk you through how to set up the features, and how to access and use them. 

How to Make a Chromebook More Accessible (add speak and speak to select)

How to Use Speak and Select to Speak on Chromebooks

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