Ask Ali: Parent Interviews, Stuck on Vacation, and Staffing

Dear Ali, 

Do I have to meet with all parents after the first term report card goes home?


So Many Parents, So Little Time

Dear SMPSLT: No.

Teachers continue to be responsible to communicate with parents/guardians about any concerns regarding student learning and achievement, as reflected on the first term report card. Communication may be face-to-face, or through a telephone conversation. As at any time during the year, parents/guardians may request a meeting and the teachers/administrators would work with the parents/guardians to establish a mutually agreeable day and time to meet. There is no expectation that teachers will meet with or contact all parents, as was the expectation when the Board provided time for interviews to occur during the work day.

Dear Ali,

I’m going away for March Break. What happens if my return flight is delayed and I cannot make it back to work?Sincerely,

Stuck in Mexico

Dear SIM: Travel delays happen. They are unfortunate and beyond beyond your control, however there are no paid days to accommodate travel delays. The WRDSB will provide a teacher who is experiencing travel delays two options.

1. Personal Day (if not already used)

2. Unpaid day(s)

It is always advisable to either plan the return to allow for a cushion before work resumes or save the personal day to avoid this issue.

Dear Ali, 

Can I leave the country while I am on a medical leave?


I Need Vitamin D

Dear INVD:  No.

A teacher who is on a medical leave, being paid through sick days, must get approval from the WRDSB Wellness Department to travel outside the country during instructional days. While on medical leave, it is the expectation of the WRDSB that you are attending to your medical needs- not using paid sick leave to travel.

March Break, Family Day, Easter Weekend etc. are all unpaid days where a teacher can choose how and where to spend their non-instructional time. A teacher who is on medical leave is free to do as they wish during non-instructional time.

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