eNewsletter October 31, 2016

In this issue of your ETFO Waterloo Newsletter:

  • New Benefits Frequently Asked Question
  • Event Announcement: Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families
  • Event Announcement: Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families Follow Up
  • Collective Bargaining FAQ
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Connected Communities Webinars
  • Upcoming Events

*If you have experienced a delay or any issue with enrolment to the new ELHFT, please await an update like this indicating next steps.*

It is known that issues transitioning data from the board to OTIP have resulted in incorrect or missing information for some members. So, some members have not received an email with enrolment information while others have received the email only to find that their information in the system is wrong. This will not impact on coverage for eligible members, and the coverage still transitions as of November 1. 

*OTIP has been working with boards on the issues and has obtained new data feeds from the boards. Over the next 48 hours or so OTIP will be reviewing the data and then loading the data. If necessary, the process will be repeated to resolve issues.*

*Once this is complete and it is felt that data issues have been resolved, we will be informed by ETFO Provincial and will put out another update to members like this, indicating next steps.*

Coverage is not impacted although some members may have a delay before submitting claims while the issues are worked out and they get properly enrolled. All eligible members will have the 31 day window after being enrolled to make changes to their information and add optional life insurance coverage, etc.; the window will not be shortened by any delay resolving the data issues.

*All claims under the current WRDSB plan which ends after today must be submitted to Manulife within 90 days.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are part of on-going communication based on questions received from local leaders and members, as well as other questions anticipated to be asked as the locals transition into the new ETFO ELHT Benefits Plan. Updated FAQs will be provided to local leaders and members on an on-going basis and are posted on the ETFO Provincial website.


  Brought to you by the ETFO Waterloo Equity and Social Justice Committee.  Click here for more information or to print a poster.

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  Brought to you by the ETFO Waterloo Equity and Social Justice Committee.  Click here for more information or to print a poster.

Register here

FAQ - What do I need to do if I'm away?

On occasion, we will highlight some Frequently Asked Questions that we hear at our office. In this edition, Vice President Ali Lyon clarifies what teachers are required to arrange when they are absent and what we must avoid.

Click here to visit our website to learn more!

  The afternoon of Friday, November 18th has been set aside to meet with parents regarding Progress Reports.  The morning will be Board provided PD at your school.

There is no expectation that teachers will meet with or contact all parents. Teachers continue to be responsible to communicate with parents/guardians.   Communication may be face-to-face, or through a telephone conversation. As at any time during the year, parents/guardians may request a meeting and the teachers/administrators would work with the parents/guardians to establish a mutually

If a teacher or parent wishes to meet or otherwise communicate about reports, how and when that occurs is between the teacher and parent. Groups of teachers may decide to do something at the same time, but it is each individual teacher's responsibility to arrange and communicate with parents as appropriate.

If there is communication being sent home about interviews it should be developed and come from the individual teacher.   A teacher may choose to meet with the parents/guardians before or after school hours, however administrators should not direct teachers to participate in a scheduled, school-wide parent-teacher interview night, including putting the entire staff into School Day for an interview evening.

This expectation applies to all reporting periods.  As always, if teachers or a group of teachers are planning interviews for which they require the principal to be present, they should arrange that in advance.

If something contrary to this is happening at your school, please contact me at the ETFO office or at [email protected].  

Professional Learning Opportunity!

Participate in a series of 16 different online webinars (unlimited choices) to enhance your knowledge, develop more effective practices and gain a better understanding for teaching and learning in a digital world. 
November 3-30, 2016
Registration will close one (1) week prior to each individual webinar
For more information, visit the ETFO Provincial Website orview the flyer.

Waterloo Region Dates of Significance
Friday, November 4 - Health and Safety Training
Thursday, November 10 - ETFO Fall Dinner - Bingemans
Tuesday, November 15 - Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families - Register Here
Tuesday, November 29 - Welcoming and Supporting LGBTQ Families: Follow-Up Session -Register Here
Friday, December 2 - Wing Ding - Boston Pizza Ira Needles and Erb

Provincial Opportunities
November 3-30, 2016 Connected Communities Webinars - Registration closes one week before session.
December 2-3, 2016 - Next Steps: Racialized Women’s Workshop on Resumé Writing and Interview Skills - Registration closes November 10, 2016. 
January 18-19, 2016 - Visions Program 2017 - Registration closes December 5, 2016.
February 22-24 ...and still we rise conference - Registration will be available in November.



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