Equity Initiative: Diversity is Our Strength

Submitted by Ryan Wettlaufer from Westheights P.S.

In February of this year, our GSA was feeling concerned after several disturbing events, such as a mosque attack in Quebec City and executive orders related travel bans in the U.S., had been featured in the media. Together, we felt the need to make a statement that affirmed the importance of diversity and inclusion, while also educating and empowering others in our school community to stand up to acts of harassment and hate.

We created posters that offered strategies for taking a stand against discrimination and posted them around the school and on social media. The posters were shared with staff and some teachers have made use of them in their classrooms. Two members of the GSA painted a poster that borrowed from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emphatic statement that “diversity is our strength” and we encouraged staff and students to sign it in support.

We were please with the strong, supportive response we received and were proud to display our work in a main hallway of our school.

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