ETFO Waterloo supports CUPE!

Here's how you can show your support for CUPE!

1) Join a picket line! Please use the Picket Line Finder to find your closest local picket line. Once you input your postal code, you will be provided with a list of your top 3 closest MPP offices. There are NDP offices on this list.  The preference is that you picket at a Conservative Picket line at their MPP office. The NDP has shown their solidarity. We hope that picketing at the Conservative MPP offices will be more effective.

Once you arrive at the picket line, please see the designated picket captains for further instructions.

If you are attending a picket line, please make sure you are attending outside of your instructional day. This is an optional picket for ETFO members, therefore you are expected to be at your worksite during regular work hours.

Feel free to wear your ETFO branded clothing and swag to the picket lines.  This is a great opportunity to wear your Red for Ed as a staff at school and on the picket lines! Use the hashtag #IStandWithCUPE #DontBeABully if you are posting on Social Media.


Join us at the CUPE picket!

Wear your Red for Ed, ETFO Swag or carry an ETFO flag!

Show off your ETFO branded item(s) and choose a prize!

Prizes can be claimed from Kristie Stanzel at the picket line. Look for the ETFO Waterloo flag.

When: November 4th at 4pm.

Where: Jess Dixon's MPP Office.

MPP Jess Dixon's Office
4281 King St E #4, Kitchener, N2P 2E9


2) If you'd like another way to support, there is an email your MPP tool that the OFL has organized.  Please use the email your MPP tool to fill it out!

3) Post on Social Media.  HERE are a few images that you are welcome to use on your own personal Social Media.

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