GSA Button Making Competition 2019

The ETFO-WR Equity and Social Justice Committee presents:

GSA Button Making Competition 2019


The “competition” is open to Elementary GSAs and similar equity groups.  

How it works:

  1. Have students create button designs using the template provided (see link below).
  2. Submit each student’s favourite design (1 per student) by sending them in the courier to Laurie Mackechnie at Courtland Public School.
  3. Each design will be turned into a button and will be returned via the courier.  
  4. Deadline: March 8, 2019. Every submission wins (while supplies last).


Helpful Hints:

  • Download the 2” button template at
  • Don’t have students cut out their circle.  Send in a square cut around the button design or a strip of templates with the favourite design clearly marked.  This helps ensure that the buttons wrap and seal properly.
  • Consider keeping a photocopy of your designs with student names beside each submission.  This will make it easier for students to identify which button is theirs after the competition.
  • Include your name and contact info when submitting your button designs so that all buttons make it back to the right school.
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