Pride Month 2022


What is Pride Month?

June is a month to celebrate diversity and its triumph over hate and intolerance.  It’s a month to acknowledge the discrimination that members of the rainbow community have experienced as part of Canada’s history and to recognize that today, there are still barriers that must be overcome.  Pride Month is a time to recognize our accomplishments as a society and recommit to building a brighter, more just future.


The Tri-Pride Festival will be taking place in person on Saturday, June 4, 2022 at Victoria Park.  Come celebrate with us!  Everyone is welcome.


Why should I celebrate Pride Month in my classroom?

Our classrooms are full of diversity.  We teach students who identify or will one day identify as members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.  Our students’ families include members of the rainbow community.  We have colleagues who are part of this community.  Each of these individuals deserves to be represented in our teaching.  The love, acceptance and respect that we model in our classrooms will become the world in which we live. 


What can I do?

There are many options for in-person and distance teaching.  Pick an idea or two and get started!

  • Take a walk to your site’s flag pole.  Notice the Pride Flag that has been raised.  Teach a lesson under it.  Read a book under it.  Eat your lunch under it.  Show your support under it.
  • Write and Record Some Announcements

Share some information and ideas on the school announcements or in your Google Classroom.  Student recorded messages are even more impactful!

  • Talk about the rainbow flag and the diversity it represents.  Discuss all the ways that each of us is different and how diversity makes us stronger.  Acknowledge that our society sometimes makes things more challenging for people with certain differences. 
  • Point out your ETFO-WR 2SLGBTQIA+ Resource Poster.  Put it up as a class.  Discuss why every member of your class community deserves to be celebrated and supported.  Use the strategies suggested on the poster.
  • Read your favourite rainbow picture book.  Invite students to share their connections.  Try reading: The Family Book or It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr or 10 000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert.  Check out some of these pre-made, easily adaptable lessons created by our Local Equity and Social Justice Committee!
  • Read Jake’s Progress (Le cheminement de Jake) from ETFO’s More Than a Play resource.  
  • Make a plan to stand up to acts of homophobia, transphobia, and other acts of bullying.  Role play what to say and how to help.


Other resources

ETFO-WR Equity Pinterest Board


ETFO-WR LGBTQ2+ Resource Poster


Take a Stand Resource Posters


Looking to build your own knowledge? Take a look at this list of Canadian LGBTQ2+ themed novels that have been curated by ETFO-WR member Yeliz Sherifali.


SPECTRUM has published this important resource for educators and other community members. It is their Trans and Gender Diverse Mental Health, Wellness and Suicide Prevention Toolkit.


OK2BME is another valuable community resource offered by KW Counselling Services.

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