Building an Inclusive Community in your Classroom: Stories on the Road

Many teachers are reflecting on how to build more inclusive classrooms.  As teachers, we know that the conditions we create in our classrooms have a large impact on student learning.  We also know that creating inclusive environments does not happen without deliberate intention. Students need to feel safe and believe that they belong in order to thrive and engage meaningfully with the school community.

The Equity and Social Justice Committee would love to come to your school and facilitate a discussion with your staff on how to create these conditions for all students.  The Stories on the Road workshop will introduce your staff to storybooks that promote acceptance and inclusion, with an emphasis on LGBTQ2+ themes.  

We have been to many schools and the discussions are rich and inspiring.  There is no cost for the workshop.  We will leave behind a large Rainbow Kit of inclusive story books and novels for your school to borrow and will bring snacks and prizes.  What could be more fun than that?

Contact Tara Duguid or Ryan Wettlaufer to book one of 4 remaining workshops for this school year.

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