Who Writes the Report Card/Progress Report?


At reporting times there are often circumstances affecting both students and teachers that may impact who is responsible for the completion of the report card or progress report.  As a general rule of thumb, the person who is in front of the student when the reports are being completed is the person is responsible for ensuring a report card is completed.  It is very important to note that no teacher should ever be responsible for completing more than one set of report cards.


Q:  Our school reorganized and I have only had some of my students for a week?  Do I have to write a progress report for them?

A:  In schools that have reorganized, it is possible that some classes may have had more than one teacher since the first day of school.  This may present some challenges in the writing of Progress Reports.  The teacher before reorganization and the new teacher both have a role to play in progress reporting. 

The teacher who is in front of the class when the reports go out is responsible for inputting the marks and comments.

The teacher who taught the students prior to reorganization should be providing assessment data to the new teacher, in order for them to complete progress reports in TWEA.

Q:  A student in my class has moved and will not be at our school when reports go home.  Do I need to write a report card for them?

A:  Schools are required to provide a progress report/report card for a student who has been registered at the school for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks (excluding March and Winter Breaks) during the reporting period.  For progress reports, this is Sept. 4th-Nov. 9th, for Term 1 report cards, Nov. 12th-Feb. 1st and for Term 2 report cards Feb. 4th-June 27th. Due to the length of reporting periods is it possible a student could receive 2 report cards.  

Q:  A student has moved into my class from another school Board and has only been here 4 weeks.  Why am I being asked to write a report card?

A:  If a student has not been registered in any school in the WRDSB for 6 consecutive weeks during the reporting period, the WRDSB school in which the student is enrolled on the last day of the reporting period is responsible for ensuring that a report card is generated and sent home. It would be reasonable to expect that such a report card might contain fewer or less detailed comments regarding the student’s progress or achievement, and fewer check marks (for the Progress Report Card) or more “I”s (for the Provincial Report Card).

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