2019-2020 ETFO-WR Awards

The ETFO-WR Awards Committee is responsible for advertising the various award categories, reviewing nomination packages and has the difficult task of choosing award winners. The committee members for 2019-2020 are Rhea Heath, Matthew Hunter, Rebekah Jarman, Kim Johnstone, Lisa Lynch, Stephanie Ringwood, Mary-Louise Skornyak, Kristie Stanzel, Joanne Threndyle and Andrea Wyman.

Thank you to the many nominators who wrote, collected and submitted the forms and letters of support to honour their colleagues’ dedication and passion for teaching.

Congratulations to all of the 2019-2020 ETFO-WR Award winners. The contributions that these teachers bring to education are significant and are a direct benefit to other educators, students and their families in our region.

Distinguished Teacher Award - Elizabeth Fuhrman, Blair Road

Ellen Becker Award - Jean Hambleton, Sandowne

Federation Representative Award, Earl Gunn, Ayr

Federation Representative Award, Nicole Trautrim, Doon

Federation Representative Award, Stephanie Webb, Meadowlane

Programming Award in Special Education - Cailin Daub, Chicopee Hills

School Volunteer Award, Christine Birch, Riverside

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