ETFO’s Charter Challenge Against Bill 115 and Remedy Decision

Award Eligibility

ETFO members who were employed by a school board between September 1, 2012, and August 31, 2014, including those who are no longer employed by a school board may be eligible if they meet the criteria of the award. Please ensure your employer(s) have your current address on file. 

The verification of employment data may take several months. ETFO will also engage in a notification process.

Please be patient.  Local offices don’t have specific details at this time and the provincial office will be communicating out in the near future.

You can update your member information here.


Questions and Updates

We are preparing a Frequently Asked Questions resource to address questions about the remedy and compensation process. It will be shared with members very soon. Please share this message with retired members who worked during the affected years.

Updates will be provided in the days and weeks ahead through member e-newsletters, email, and the ETFO website. 

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