An Evening for Wellness with Christine D'Ercole

April 29, 2021
7pm - 8pm

Jeff Pelich ·

Christine D'Ercole is a public speaker whose work is rooted in self-talk. Her WORDSHOPS© are workshops for editing our self-talk into the story we want our lives to tell. Her catalogue of workshops spans topics from body image to addiction and loss to corporate cultural growth and team building.

When not writing wordshops, Christine is riding bicycles. She is a decorated competitive track cyclist. She is a Masters World Champion and a five-time National Champion.

As a Senior Instructor at Peloton, her classes are grounded in the science of cycling and the power of words. Her unique style of mindful motivation inspires members of the Peloton community, reaching thousands of devoted riders every day.

She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, former Master Trainer for Schwinn Indoor Cycling and willPower&grace, and has been in the fitness industry for over seventeen years.


What is WORDSHOP©? 

Wordshop is a workshop in self-talk. 

Everything we think, feel and express is tied to language, to words. The words we use to communicate what we think and feel are strung together to become our ‘story’. Every day, we tell ourselves stories about who we are, who we wish to be and often, who we believe we cannot be. Often these stories start with the words ‘I am…’ and lead into something negative.

I believe that cultivating the ability to manage one's self-talk is one of the most powerful tools we can cultivate when it comes to improving our quality of life and our relationships both personally and professionally. 

When the culture of a company is compromised, creativity and progress are stunted. We can create a Wordshop tailored to the themes that are important to your business. The soul of a co is rooted in the relationships of the team members who comprise the organization. 

The introspective flash-writing exercise in Wordshop sheds light on the core beliefs of individuals and the community. Wordshop is a team-building event that gets at the heart of self-talk and creates an environment that fosters clarifying communication and improving interpersonal professional relationships. 

What can I expect during WORDSHOP©? 

Your group Wordshop will consist of a 15-30 minute talk on a predetermined topic followed by five 1-minute writing exercises.  Participants will leave Wordshop with a mantra using I AM I CAN I WILL I  DO as thought starters. Sharing of mantras is an option if that makes sense for your group or organization. Come ready with pen & paper!

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