Issues in LGBTQ2+ Teaching

April 26, 2021
4:45pm - 6:15pm


Ryan Wettlaufer ·

In this workshop Bob Kline will share his coming out story as a gay educator and the many ways coming out continually unfolds for LGBTQ2+ teachers throughout their careers.  Bob will highlight some of the ways LGBTQ2+ educator identity intersects with and impacts curriculum and our everyday work with students.  He will show how his concept of ’the human curriculum’ can frame the ways we can build an overall sense of community and equity within our schools.  There will be time for questions, networking, and sharing.

Bob teaches Leadership at Huron Heights Secondary School and has been an educator in the WRDSB since 2003.  At student leadership conferences and PD sessions he speaks and delivers workshops about school culture and school spirit.  In his powerful TED Talk called Kids These Days, Bob shares his story and how it ignited his concept of 'the human curriculum.'  Bob was last year's Student Leadership Advisor of the Year in Ontario.

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