Rainbow Stories in Your Virtual Classroom!

The Equity and Social Justice Committee has created a series of virtual lesson resources that connect to our Rainbow Stories on the Road program.  Rainbow Stories has traditionally offered LGBTQ2+ themed picture books and novels with options to meet the needs of all elementary grades (including French language titles).  In addition to lending book kits, we offer workshops to highlight the importance of creating inclusive classrooms and to facilitate open discussions with staff.

Click on this link to access our Rainbow Stories Hyperdoc.  There you will find several ready-to-go lessons that are ideal for both online and in-person use.  Each lesson includes links to a digital copy of the featured book as well as a video read-aloud version.  Simply make a copy of the presentation resource and either follow along or modify to suit the needs of your class.  Stay tuned for additional lessons and resources to be added.  

Some of our featured titles include:


Click on this link to access the complete list of titles.

Members interested in learning more or arranging a virtual workshop for their school can contact our Rainbow Stories Coordinator, Tara Duguid.

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