Who to contact?

A reminder that Greg Weiler is no longer with the Waterloo local office as he is now a Provincial Staff officer in Public Relations Services. 

Until an election is held, please send emails to [email protected] and we will ensure the appropriate released officer responds. You can also use the chart below to determine who to contact:




Joanne Threndyle - Ext 225

Vice President

[email protected]

  • Senior Admin Contact
  • Discipline/Harassment/Allegations
  • Local Treasurer
  • NTIP
  • Report Cards
  • Teacher Performance Appraisals
  • Faculty of Education Liaison
  • Local committees

Ali Lyon - Ext 221

Vice President

[email protected]

  • Leaves of Absences
  • Long Term Disability
  • Benefits
  • Collective Agreement
  • Staffing
  • Supervision
  • WSIB

Jeff Pelich - Ext 222

Vice President

[email protected]owr.ca

  • Media Contact
  • Health and Safety Rep (including 
  • workplace violence)
  • Website and Communications
  • Board Meetings/Trustees
  • Labour Council
  • Political Action/Public Relations
  • Newsletters and Event Updates
  • Professional Learning/ ETFO PD Day

Amanda Drewett - Ext 226

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

  • STEL - Short Term Educational Leave
  • MDF - Membership Development Fund

Provincial Office

416-962-3836 or 


  • Discipline/Harassment/Allegations
  • After hours emergency support
  • Member Records/ETFO Card/Edvantage